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Hey there! I have something non-crafty to share, but oh so worthy. A blog reader so graciously shared this wonderful information with me and I’m just passing it on. Some of you may know about using this setting, but it was new to me. Previously, I was using a “Preview” plug-in for my Google Reader. It worked well, allowing me to preview the actual blog posting and even make comments on most blogs; however, some blogs would redirect from Reader to their site causing me to lose my place as I scrolled through the posts in the Reader.

Using the new “Next” method allows a reader to browse the posts directly and not lose their place. The great thing about it is, you can visit the blog/web site directly, which means you get to see any new designs or sidebar information that you may miss while browsing in Reader. This navigation alternative also makes it super easy to leave comments! So, how do you do it?

  1. Go to Google Settings
  2. Click on “Goodies” link in the orange menu bar.
  3. Under the third category, “Put Reader in a Bookmark,” drag the “Next” button to your browser’s toolbar. This is usually where you have bookmarks saved.
  4. Once you have some posts in your Reader, simply click next and the open window will navigate to the next web site. You can continue to click your “Next” button in your browser toolbar until you reach the end of your Reader (you will be notified).

Now, you may not want to use this method if you have 500 posts to browse, but I really like it because I get to visit each person’s site. Which brings me to share that I changed my blog header last week, so if you are reading this in your Reader or via e-mail click on over to take a peek at my new polka dot design!

For the e-mail subscribers, if you do not like to get bombarded with e-mails in your inbox, I highly recommend Google Reader because it separates your direct e-mails from web site posts. I also like Google Reader over e-mail RSS feeds because it updates throughout the day as opposed to one e-mail per day (like most e-mail feeds). For instance, if I post something on my blog after the cut off when the e-mail feed goes through, you will not receive an e-mail update about my posting until the following day; however, Google Reader subscribers will gain notification of the posting pretty much immediately. The downside is that you do have to check your Reader as you would your e-mail, so it’s like having another e-mail account, but it is worth it!

I hope that was clear! Perhaps I am the last one to know this trick, but I thought I would share it just in case! Let me know if you have any questions. I’m not an expert, but I love the Internet!


I also wanted to remind you all about my Stamp Sale. For those who purchased stamps yesterday before 1:00 am EST, your packages have been shipped and you should have all received shipping notifications with tracking (where applicable). Thank you so much for your interest in these stamps and I’m so happy to get them off to their new “forever homes!”

There are still quite a few great stamp selections left. So, please take a moment to stop by and check them out before they’re all gone! All purchases today before 1:00 am EST will ship by Wednesday!

I hope to be back tomorrow with a video to share, but if I’m not because I’m too busy packing up stamps, please don’t throw tomatoes at me! Have a great day!

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  • Mary - Thank you, Ashley! This was a great tip. I love the Google Reader, but always missed the opportunity to see the actual blog. People put so much time into their blog design (especially stampers!), that it is a shame to miss that.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Gloude - Thank you Ashley for the wonderful information. Love reading your blog and watching your video. Like I have said before a very taltented lady you are. Have a very Happy and safe 4th of July weekend. Look forward to seeing more.
    Brenda from HOT Austin TX (smile)ReplyCancel

  • Sara Spencer - Thanks Ashley,great tip about google reader. After trying it out I have to say I love it! I find that I don’t comment very much when I read blogs in reader. I hope this will help in that area. Love the new look of your site too. =)ReplyCancel

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