Handle with Care

Hey Bleeps! I hope you all have enjoyed your week! As usual, I’m happy to greet another Friday to embark on another weekend. I created a card inspired by vintage postcards, carte postale, and gardens. I left a sentiment off of the card to be able to use it for different occasions, including new baby arrival and birthday. I really had fun creating with two stamp sets, lots of ink and buttons. It was like I had a little canvas and was painting a work of art. I usually do not get that feeling when card making, but this time I did and it made me feel inspired, even while creating.undefined

The color combination really makes me smile. Since pinterest, I like to title color palettes, and I like to call this one a soft rainbow sherbet. Using a variety of textures on this card, including vintage trim, fabric, stitching, and buttons. Making this card appear dated was the best part for me. It meant that the card did not have to be “perfect.” The stamping could be a bit off, the ink could be blotchy, and the layout could be off-centered.


I started with rustic cream cardstock trimmed to about 4″ x 5.25″. I stamped the postage and postmark. Customizing the postmark with the date was so much fun. I randomly selected numbers to come up with the date. Next, I stamped the air mail border with pink and yellow inks. I stamped the decorative flourishes in pink ink and added ink cube spots using the chamomile ink cubes. I added the fabric strip and stitched it down. Next, I added the buttons using twine.


At the top, I added a couple strips of kraft cardstock. I distressed it with acrylic paint and added a button. I also finished off the top of the cardstock strip with vintage bunting trim. I secured the trim with Scor-Tape. Next, I stamped the grass and flowers.

undefinedI added a few finishing touches, including the “handle with care” sentiment and the airmail arrows.

I hope you take some time to enjoy this weekend. Make sure you take some time and spend it it doing something you enjoy, even if it’s a run or baking that sweet treat you’ve been dreaming about! We have a few projects planned this weekend, including another engagement session. Speaking of our photography, we polled fans on Facebook about their favorite photo we took at our last engagement session. McArthur and I compete with each other every time we photograph anything – as to who will have the most “winning” shots. I was convinced I did during the engagement session and so was he, so we polled the fans to settle the feud. Well, Bleeps, I was the winner! If you voted, thanks so much! Based on the votes, two of my photos were the most favorite! YAAAY! Although McArthur isn’t as enthused as I am, the reality is, he usually wins the sessions more than I do and I typically concede defeat.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care.

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